Put your skin's health back into focus.

The Innovacyn Family

Innovacyn, Inc. is a privately held American company formed to provide premier healthcare products for humans and animals.  As a family-owned and operated company, we embrace scientific research to deliver innovative products and world-class operations to its stakeholders.  Innovacyn aspires to change the way people around the world care for their wounded skin, by offering a suite of Puracyn Plus professional and over-the-counter retail product solutions sold globally.

Puracyn® Plus DUO-CARE Wound & Skin Cleanser and Puracyn® Plus Foot Wash & Skin Cleanser are best-in-class and clinically proven to be very effective for debriding, cleansing, and the irrigation of wounds varying by size, type, or different skin circumstances. At-home daily care at its best! Puracyn Plus is doctor-tested and FDA cleared.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Innovacyn is committed to developing and promoting products we believe will truly revolutionize healthcare – such as high quality wound care products.  We strive to empower medical professionals and patients with an advanced science-based technology to effectively treat wounds, while raising the level of awareness and science of wound care management. Our team is dedicated to bringing to market product solutions that are not only innovative, from a technological advancements standpoint, but more importantly, non-harmful to humans or the environment.

We support the mission of many healthcare professionals and industry organizations to provide new developments in wound care management by funding ongoing research and wound care education programs globally.  Innovacyn proudly supports non-profits such as Wound Reach Foundation and Wounded Warriors in local communities, and Wound Relief in Haiti.