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  • Puracyn® Skin Therapy Hydrogel 3oz.

    Take control of your skin

    Puracyn® Skin Therapy is a non-toxic, electrolyzed water-based gel to spread on easy, allowing you to harness the safety and efficacy of a clinical-grade solution in the comfort of your own home. Skin Therapy hydrogel uses our advanced hypochlorous technology to help relieve itch and pain from minor skin irritations. 

    Feature & Benefits:

    • POWERFUL, YET INCREDIBLY SAFE & GENTLE: Skin Therapy is safe for all ages and can be used on any area of the body, including sensitive ones
    • UTILIZES ADVANCED HYPOCHLOROUS TECHNOLOGY: the hypochlorous molecule is naturally produced by our bodies; we use a unique non-toxic blend of ingredients to replicate this molecule
    • NON-TOXIC, AND FREE OF HARMFUL INGREDIENTS: Skin Therapy is made without the use of steroids, antibiotics, alcohol, iodine, fragrances, or any toxic ingredients that may slow the skins ability to repair
    • WORKS WITH LOTIONS & BALMS: for dry, irritated skin use the Skin Therapy hydrogel before applying your lotions or balms

    Directions for Use

    • Clean the skin with a mild cleanser, for best results use Puracyn First Aid Wound & Skin Cleanser
    • Apply Skin Therapy hydrogel directly onto affected skin
    • After the hydrogel has been allowed to sit on skin for at minimum 15 seconds, if needed, apply a moisturizing lotion/balm
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