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Puracyn® Beauty Aftercare Hydrogel 3 oz.

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The best aftercare solution following esthetic procedures

From chemical peels to waxing and everything in between, Puracyn Beauty Aftercare provides quick relief to minor skin irritations and abrasions following esthetic procedures. 

Feature & Benefits:

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN, NATURAL TECHNOLOGY: harness the clinical-grade solution that is being used in medical spas across the country for skin aftercare
  • POWERFUL, YET INCREDIBLY SAFE & GENTLE: Beauty Aftercare is completely safe for all areas of the body, including mouth, eyes, ears and bikini area
  • UTILIZES ADVANCED HYPOCHLOROUS TECHNOLOGY: the hypochlorous molecule is naturally produced by our bodies; we use a unique non-toxic blend of ingredients to replicate this molecule
  • NON-TOXIC, AND FREE OF HARMFUL INGREDIENTS: Beauty Aftercare is made without the use of steroids, antibiotics, alcohol, iodine, fragrances, or any toxic ingredients that may slow the skins ability to repair and won't leave behind any oily residue
  • ESTHETICIAN & DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED: Beauty Aftercare can be used daily to reduce redness and relieve itch and pain from minor irritations

Directions for Use

  • Clean the skin with a mild cleanser, for best results use Puracyn First Aid Wound & Skin Cleanser
  • Apply Beauty Aftercare hydrogel directly onto affected skin
  • After the hydrogel has been allowed to sit on skin for at minimum 15 seconds, if needed, apply a gentle moisturizing lotion

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