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Puracyn® Eyelid & Lash Care 3 oz.

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Soothe irritated, itchy, dry skin conditions around eyes

Puracyn Eye & Lash Care uses an hypochlorous (HOCl) technology to naturally cleanse eyelids and lashes as well as relieve minor eye irritations. 

Feature & Benefits:

  • FDA-CLEARED, NATURAL TECHNOLOGY: now available for everyday eyelid and lash cleaning
  • MORE PRODUCT FOR LESS COST: when compared to other hypochlorous-based competitors, Puracyn Eyelid & Lash Care provides over 500 sprays in each 3-ounce bottle with a two-year shelf life
  • UTILIZES ADVANCED HYPOCHLOROUS TECHNOLOGY: the hypochlorous molecule is naturally produced by our bodies; we use a unique non-toxic blend of ingredients to replicate this molecule
  • SAFE FOR DAILY USE: we recommend using twice daily in the morning and evening for best results

Directions for Use

  • Before application, wash your hands and remove any make-up around both eyes
  • Spray Eyelid & Lash Care directly onto a cotton pad until moistened
  • Thoroughly and gently wipe the eyelid and lashes
  • Continue application every morning and evening for best results